Setting the Scene

Death in childbirthDuring the 1800s the Industrial Revolution had just began in America. People abandoned their rural farms and moved into the cities. There in the city, families lived in cramped, unsanitary conditions. The apartments were overcrowded with people that made it extremely hot in the summer time. In addition, the exhaust from the factories clouded the air, which made it difficult to breathe. Not only did the people have to endure living in congested conditions, but they also received inadequate pay that made it hard to purchase enough food to suffice their family’s needs. Therefore, it can be said that life in the city was not an easy life. In fact, due to the cramped conditions, disease spread quickly and because of their lack of nutrition most people’s bodies were not strong enough to ward off infection, thus many died. But the number one killer of women in the 19th century wasn’t from poor nutrition or disease, it was from child birth.

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